Pick Your Poison (Fever Thieves)

Pick your poison, you know mine
Drink my blood and kill my time
Pray for rain, then burn the church
Sing my songs and change the words

Every time I hear your name
Ten thousand violins play

You’re a saint and I’m a crook
Crack the spines of all my books
Fix the mirror and break the curse
Load my art into a hearse

Every time I hear your name
Ten thousand violins play

I know why the birds sing
I know where the devil sleeps

Never fall in love with an artist.
They’ll memorize the way you brush your teeth
And how many steps it took you to walk away from them;
How many less it takes you to walk directly back.
We won’t destroy your skin like any normal person
Or leave your cheeks tear stained and burning-
We devour from the inside out,
Love so deeply and so quickly.
Knead poems into every layer of your body
Place them there permanently as to never leave.
But we will leave.
Some of us, like me,
Can only write while sadness is welded to our ribcage.
To love, for us, is to hate.
We could spend hours counting every hair on your head
Every blemish on your body,
Kiss the cracks in your skull back together.
For us, though, you are only an object of inspiration-
A poem we’ve put delicately together
Awaiting words to write themselves into you.
We see you how we want to see you.
Kisses are stanzas
Memorized perfectly and hungrily
Photos of sheets wrapped around your soul in our minds.
We are tornadoes.
We are hurricanes.
We are any natural disaster perched on the edge of time
Just waiting to rush into your bones all at once.
We fall in love easily, briefly, passionately.
With the way you laugh too loud when you’re nervous,
Or the way your teeth set on your bottom lip when you’re not at all happy to smile.
We’ll fall in love with the way you pick up your fork to eat your breakfast,
How loudly you stomp down the hallway,
And the bags digging trenches beneath your eyes when you’re stressed.
And we will hate you for every single idiosyncrasy that we love.
We will hate the way that our ink spills only for you,
Always for you.
You will be bottomless for us,
Drowning us out of nowhere.
We will bury ourselves in our pencils and pens
Lie in bed for days on end,
Lined papers scattered around us.
We have written you into something,
And you will memorize how many steps it took for us to walk away,
Memorize how many hours it’s been since your realized that we’re much too far to memorize how many steps it would take for us to walk directly back,
If ever we decide to whisper writings of you again.

I Saw the Devil (Dead Poets)

I got home early, met you upstairs
Poured out two drinks, but I didn’t share

We fought for two days and I gave up
I hate semantics and you knew too much
I think I just knew I’d lost it all
Sharpened your scythe and you walked me down the hall


I saw the devil in the bathroom mirror
He said, “Son, lay down right here”
I remember counting six cars drive by
My shadow stretched round the corner every time

I woke up shaking in silver chords
Aching like Lazrus, back for more
And there was an angel with emerald eyes
Holding my hand and the light was just right


I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine

As long as I’ve got good company
And something good to drink
But when I run out of both of those
I’ll run like hell, anywhere but home

Nesting Doll (Dead Poets)

I’ve been haunting the graveyard by my house
With a bottle in a brown paper bag
I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve lost
Since I’ve been living in the past

I’m sorry I missed your birthday
I was saving face
Please let me make it up next fall
My nesting doll

I’ve been sleeping on my best friend’s couch
With a bottle of white pills that don’t help
I’ve been singing about how love can rot
A good heart and leave it

New Years Kiss (Dead Poets)

You proposed on a blind date
While I bided my time
I took my chances with fate
You took a concubine

I was a raging wind
You were a tightrope act
Stole your new years kiss and
Never gave it back

But now I am a ghost
A shadow of a shell of myself
So if there’s anything else
I can do for you, I’ll see you in hell

You watched the glow in my eye
Glaze over to a sick stare
Before her tears hit the floor
You were stroking her hair

I was a drunken fool
You were coiled in the grass
Took the spark from my chest and
Now I want it back

But now I am a ghost
A shadow of a shell of myself
So if there’s anything else
I can do for you, I’ll see you in hell